Voice assistants have undoubtedly given us something to talk about, but most of that chatter is singularly focused on the consumer experience, particularly as to how voice-first devices service and enliven our homes. All play and no work means we aren't tapping into the full arsenal of capabilities voice assistants offer. However, since the announcement that Alexa is going 9-to-5 and making its way into the office, the noise around voice assistants has finally started extending toward enterprise use cases.

Employees can check for meeting room availability, book a room, invite people, make changes or cancel a booking with just a voice command.

Service requests can be raised for IT, Transportation, Admin and Housekeeping. With an AI assistant, users don't need to search for portals anymore. All they need to do, is to give a command and the assistant will do the needful.

The HR department is the one which gets the most amount of queries in the office and at times those queries are repetitive and don't require special attention. With a smart assistant, these queries can be handled by a voice bot to free up resource time which can be utilized to focus on more important things.

Easily access sheets and dashboards with your voice.

Screening of candidates requires both time and resources. An AI enabled assistant can be trained for each job profile to conduct the screening process without any human intervention.

Fun activities like games are carried out in offices to encourage team building and destress the employees. A voice assistant can act as a host and make the team play some interesting game while also keeping scores and announcing the winners.

Feedbacks help every organisation identify areas of concern. It can be about a process, policy, department or people. With a voice assistant, feedback can be given in just a few minutes which would encourage more people to give a feedback and thus identify problems better.

Traditional methods of training and assessments can be boring and at times employees just click on different options one by one to complete an assessment. A voice based training and evaluation program will make users feel more involved during the the whole process and get spontaneous results for better assessment.

If you are a CEO or a CFO making a presentation, you could just query Alexa or Cortana 'What were the sales for the third quarter for the east region', something like that. That could mean a very sophisticated workflow that would know who is asking the question, the information that they are asking for, the different sources where that information can be obtained, and then retrieving it and presenting it in a coherent way using natural language.

Catch up to the customer trend to stay live in your business. If you are still confused or willing to have more knowledge on the use cases/applicability of voice assistants in Office space, talk to us on Voxogenic.com for a free consultation.

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