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About Voxogenic

Voice controlled devices are becoming mainstream as users adopt the interaction model of the future. At Voxogenic we are excited to assist companies in bringing their brands, products and services to to this new medium. With Amazon Echo and Google Home devices having the largest share in the virtual assistant speaker market, we believe that Alexa Skills or Google Actions are the best way to enter the voice controlled market. Developing a voice app is a great way to interact with current customers through an unused channel and increase outreach to new customers.

If you have a product or system that you want add voice integration to, we’ve got you covered! Voxogenic has experience implementing Alexa Skills and Google Actions into large applications with complex APIs, and currently deployed systems.

We can help ideate your idea or concept, and take you through the full process of building a voice app from the ground up. This can range from a fundamental implementation hosted through Amazon or Google’s services, to a complex system of your own imagination.

Voice Experience Design90%
Alexa Skills Kit100%
Alexa Voice Services90%
Amazon Web Services90%
Google Assistant95%
Siri Kit75%
IOT and Embedded100%
Devops and Linux100%

Alexa Skills


Voice is the Future of Business.

Voice Assistant Use Case

Banking, Finance and Insurance Industries

It is researched that 46 percent of the US citizens use voice assistants. Observing the strong presence of voice assistants, banks, financial, service and insurance (BFSI) firms have actively adopted enterprise voice assistants for both internal (employees) and external (customers) purposes. It is said that JP Morgan &Co [...]

Health and Wellness

With cutting edge artificial intelligence upgrading our lives above mediocrity, voice technology emerges out to be the healthcare stalwarts of the future. From handling follow up calls to medical triage, booking appointments, and even diagnosis, VUI (Voice User Interface) is the perfect combination of medical knowledge with [...]

Real Estate

Are you eagerly searching for ways to enhance the profitability and productivity of your business? The real estate virtual assistant can be one of the best solutions for this. As lead generation is The Most Important factor necessary for making the real estate business thrive. [...]

Some of the best.

Our Clients

voxogenic client amazon
voxogenic client macmillan education india alexa skill
voxogenic client audible suno alexa skill
voxogenic client radha krishna alexa skill
voxogenic client shopping alexa skill
voxogenic client education google action
voxogenic client kids alexa skill
voxogenic client rekhta alexa skill
voxogenic client crypto currency alexa skill
voxogenic client gameing alexa skill
voxogenic client smart home alexa skill google action smart home
voxogenic client mental alexa skill

We provide a full service model for voice applications to our clients.

Our Process

We use a 4 step process to deliver our clients the best quality products.




Define a scope for the voice app so that it meets your business goals while making sure it also adds value & drives ROI to the business.




Design an engaging voice interaction model which is customer centric and covers all aspects of natural conversation while user interaction.




Create the voice app by converting the concept and design into a well structured code, test it and deploy to a scalable platform.




Optimize the user experience by updating and enhancing the voice app through a robust research and feedback mechanism to ensure success.

enterprise grade alexa skills developer

This is what we love to do.


Voice First Apps

Applications for top voice first platforms, Amazon Alexa, Cortana and Google Home. We use Alexa Skills Kit, Dialogflow, Amazon Web Services, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform.

Voice first devices

Make your device talk to you. We can integrate Alexa or Google into your device and make it voice powered.


We can create chatbots for Facebook, Skype, Websites, Android, iOS, Slack, Twitter, Twilio, Telegram, Cisco Spark, Viber and Line

IOT & Automation

The internet of things (IoT) has advanced well beyond science fiction status – and is steadily infiltrating factories, homes and businesses all over the world.

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Conversation is a new platform, and voice is a new and powerful interface. We know what it takes to help users enjoy a voice-based experience, and for you to deliver a successful voice skill.

It starts with an honest conversation about who you are, whose needs you serve, and why voice could be the way to delivering value and enjoyment for both you and your customers.

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